Micro USB Ports

Explosion of the Tablets. 

Many Consumers over the past year have purchased New Tablets. Many Households now use tablets as their main device for browsing, emails, gaming & Shopping online.
There are many versions with different operating systems on the market. Most of the Tablets use a simple micro USB port to charge & sync the device.  These parts are very simple, but most of them are soldered in.

We have seen over the last year the demand for these ports increase day by day and due to the increase in demand for these ports, we now stock these parts for the Samsung Galaxy TAB Models, Asus Transformer Models, Amazon Kindle Fire models, Lenovo idea Pad, Acer Iconia, HP Slate including the Slate HD.

If the Micro USB Port is damaged or broken, then your device will not charge or sync. Which renders the device useless.

The ports we have sourced are the highest quality versions, most of them are genuine parts sourced directly from the Factories that product them for the Tablet Manufactures.

Repair Centres and Business Customers we also have a wholesale price for these ports, please email us
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